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Sanjay Brahmawar-CEO-Software AG
Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO


Software AG

The right risk management software can change Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) from a cumbersome burden to a strategic advantage. After all, the capabilities needed to successfully manage GRC—deep insight into operations and broad control over business processes—are the same capabilities you need for success in the marketplace. The best risk management software solutions will not only provide robust tools for efficiently managing and monitoring GRC but will also deliver all the strategic insights organization’s need to guide their business successfully into the future. For organizations seeking a powerful risk management software solution, Software AG provides an intelligent GRC solution that transforms risk management from a burden to a value driver.

Software AG is a leading provider of solutions that enable businesses to achieve their objectives faster. Their broad product portfolio provides integrated solutions for customer experience management, fraud detection, omnichannel fulfillment, SAP solutions and more. The company’s intelligent GRC software eases the burden of managing GRC with an integrated set of capabilities that provides a single point of truth across all GRC functions. This risk management software provides the analytical tools organization’s need to find the answer to virtually any question about operations of the enterprise, so they can manage their GRC responsibilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Software AG’s risk management software establish controls and acceptable levels of risk. Through the solution firms can stay in alignment with their organization’s objectives and policies, reduce conflicts between business and control departments, and simulate risk events along defined business process chains; analyze dependencies between business processes, risks and controls; and use statistical methods to define risk probabilities and damage distributions.

The company’s risk management software is a compliance management solution that provides continuous control, continuous monitoring and continuous analysis, providing users with real-time insights into the organization and the marketplace. With the visibility this risk management software provides, clients can both guide their organization forward and respond easily and efficiently to governance, risk and compliance demands. Software AG’s global services can help an organization’s get up and running faster with consulting, methodologies, frameworks and architectures. This offering enables the firm to not only to manage GRC easily and successfully but to take advantage of the GRC processes to strengthen overall performance and make better business decisions.

Automation plays a large role in Software AG’s risk management solution. Instead of taking a reactive approach to risk, Software AG’s GRC solution uses automation to facilitate real-time monitoring and real-time data analysis to identify emerging and imminent risks and take proactive steps to mitigate or avoid them. Rather than acting retrospectively or executing controls and set intervals, organizations can use this risk management solution to shift control to systems that operate continuously and that inform business decisions with predictive analytics.

Recently, Software AG celebrated its 50 years of bold innovation! Innovation that has seen them explore the value of data and deliver digital freedom to people and businesses globally. Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG, who joined the company in 2018, is proud of its heritage and states, “Fifty years since the birth of Software AG and the birth of an entire industry. There is a tremendous history of commitment to customer success in this company – great strengths that we can build on as we move forward. Our fiftieth year has given us the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and harness them for the next century.”